Toothless Headphones: Workshop Design project.

[Toothless Headphones, workshop Design project 2019]

I love the idea of extracting an object’s function, distorting it and creating a new narrative. I think this playful approach lies at the heart of how objects are constantly morphing and changing as their encompassing culture’s, like a phoenix, build them up, destroy them and then start the process again.

It was through this process that I decided to make my Bluetooth headphones into ‘Toothless headphones‘ with the help of a very special mineral found by a lake in Russia, Shungite.

Shungite is a mineral that is said to have originated from a meteorite two billion years ago. Used in healing therapies, it also blocks electromagnetic waves, such as Bluetooth.

This workshop-project is about looking into ways of warping existing communicative systems, considering theories from that are both scientific and originating from pseudo-science. Thus allowing space for the exploration of the murky in-between space of what ‘is’ and what ‘could be’.

Here is the process of the Toothless Headphones:

Taking them apart I experimented vacuum forming the original plastic pieces, but decided to create a new simplified version by creating a wooden mould and then vacuum forming black plastic shapes. I purchased two pyramid shaped Shungite minerals to add to each ear piece. The headphones are fully functional by cable, however the bluetooth function is blocked by the stones.

with all the thousands of signals that pass us by every day, the ‘Toothless Headphones’ allow you to block every interfering wave and enjoy only those produced by the music.

[Toothless Headphones, workshop Design project 2019]

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