Film and special effects makeup.

[Film experience with special effect makeup, 2018-19]

Experimental ‘4 day rapid response’ film.

A 4 day challenge to build a clip inspired by the film “Brain Dead” by Peter Jackson. (Link is in the Youtube video description)

Making casts of body parts and experimenting with glue, fabric, icing sugar, plaster, food colouring, wax, seaweed alginate and silicone me and a group of 5 other designers explored a more chaotic way of casting and creating DIY, zero technology special effects.

Filming in Macdonald’s, we were eventually told we weren’t allowed to film the sauce dispenser… did they not notice the girl facedown in a pool of blood?

The result was a low-fi, roughly edited film which was without doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had, just created to see how far we could push our skills and to have fun!

On set with professional practice.

Participating with several film projects, destined for film festivals, has allowed me to apply my experimental methods for creating special effect and put my painting skills to a practical use.

Below are some visuals from the projects with Vlad Ghilas or the short ‘Save me from myself’ by Riel John-Basptiste. I have worked alone and in collaboration with Gulnara Rakieva.

Effects included aging 10+ years, bruise and cut marks, sweat, blush, home cooked fake blood and natural makeup.

Exploring the film industry.

As well as working as a makeup artist I have been working as a film extra in the last two years, principally on Casualty, a BBC drama series from the UK. I made the most of being on set by following one of my golden rules ‘ always be nosy’, and learning how the special effects makeup is done on set.

[Film experience with special effect makeup, 2018-19]

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